We offer you our service of aerial photography and filmmaking using the unmanned aerial vehicle called Inspire One. We’ve been specializing in aerial filmmaking since 2009, we have experience, permission to fly commercially, and insurance. A simple user interface on the tablet or smartphone allows for a safe flight and easy operating of the camera. Wireless HD signal transmission allows for live streaming of sporting, cultural, and other events. Our offer is aimed at film producers, commercials, music videos, events, music festivals, and wedding celebrations. We also work with real-estate developers, architects, surveyors, and property owners of gardens and golf courses.

The price for the service is individually tailored to each contract. Included in the price is drive-to-location and possible housing. We compete on the market thanks to our nonstandard approach. We work in the film industry, together we advise on the best possible ideas and plan of action. We have flown everywhere. Our reel includes flying over water reservoirs with a low ceiling, over mountains, over skyscrapers, inside exhibition halls, and piloting the drone while skiing downhill or from a driving car. We like challenges!

Technical parameters:

Flying time per full battery is around 20 minutes.
Distance from pilot to UAV is around 1.5km (on open terrain)
Maximum flying height is 250 meters.
Quality of photographs is 12.5 Mpx
Footage recorded in 4K and FHD
Live streaming of HD is up to 1.5km.